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Robert Shaw death: Jaws actor's tragic but sudden death explained - how to avoid same fate

THE LATE actor Robert Shaw is set to appear on ITV tonight at 10:35pm (18 June) for a showing of the classic film Jaws. Despite suffering an early death in August 1978, Robert Shaw is remembered for being "grand" and "large". What exactly happened to the

Although bipolar disorder can be a challenging condition, it is manageable in most cases, and the NHS has posted guidance on how to cope with the condition.

The health body recommends talking about the condition, whether to friends or helpful organisations.

“Many organisations run self-help groups that can put you in touch with other people with the condition,” states the body.

“This enables you to share helpful ideas and helps you realise you're not alone in feeling the way you do.”

Some organisations the NHS recommend are Bipolar UK, Carers UK, Mind, Rethink, Samaritans, and SANE.

It also points out there are courses available for people who feel “distressed” or “uncertain” about their condition. The organisation Self Management UK runs such courses.

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