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Tearful Danniella Westbrook reveals why tattooed wrists stop her self-harming - Daily News
Tearful Danniella Westbrook reveals why tattooed wrists stop her self-harming - Daily News
EastEnders,Kerry Katona,Loose Women,Soap operas,Cocaine,Self-harm /form Tearful Danniella Westbrook opened up to friend Kerry Katona about her struggle with depression and her drug addiction which saw her relapse numerous times over the last four years  The 44-year-old former EastEnders actress admitted that she still has the suicide notes she wrote to her children when she was at her darkest point.  She also revealed that she had gone to hospital and was subsequently sectioned as her life spiraled out of control.  Fellow former cocaine addict Kerry reached out to Daniella during a former appearance on the show and vowed to help her. Read More Read more on Danniella Westbrook...  Danniella said: \"Everyone thinks my lowest point was when I got seen with a hole in my nose but my lowest point has bee
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